Originally, I wanted to become a psychologist, but life has sent me on an adventurous, valuable detour into the international business world. My roles were varied and multi-layered at the same time. From my own small agency to the international position of Head of Sales of a global sports company. I was able to accompany, lead and train numerous international teams. I got to know intercultural diversity and learned both to adopt various sets of rules of business etiquette and to adapt to different business attitudes. Today, my clients benefit from over 25 years of valuable experience as well as from my numerous life stories and practical examples. After all, my passion for human consciousness has become my profession. As a business coach and business consultant I accompany companies and individuals on their paths of change with dedication. Through my work I promote the expansion of the consciousness of human beings who are at the center of my work and who are the most important success factor of every company and every enterprise.

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